The Ultimate Mission of PowerCEO LLC is to lower utility bills by optimizing real power flow

The ultimate mission of PowerCEO LLC is to increase strong energy strategies by optimizing real power flow. Our diverse team manages all aspects of our client’s power quality improvement projects.

Services are:

  • No Cost Analysis
  • Energy Audit
  • Facility Audit
  • Measurement and Verification Studies
  • Proposals with Return on Investment
  • Engineering
  • Product Specification
  • On Site Management
  • Managing Your Preferred or Competitively Bid Sub-Contracted Electrician
  • Training
  • Meetings
  • Project Updates and a Performance Guarantee.*

Customers will benefit from a lower utility bill and reduced maintenance due to less heat being generated in the facility’s wires and equipment, thus reducing wear and tear on the equipment.

PowerCEO LLC’s projects have a goal of lowering utility bills, operating costs and reducing equipment maintenance. To validate our project’s performance, we will verify the energy usage after project completion.