• UL Approved
  • Green Technology: Less strain on the Power Grid
    • less demand for power generation.
    • less pollution.
  • Compensates for voltage drops during peak demand periods.
  • Substantial reduction of current.
  • Improvement in power quality.
  • Reduces total load current.
  • Correction will reduce the KVAH, usage, total power, time of use sensitivity, and increase the energy efficiency.
  • Reduction in distribution system temperatures.
  • NO over-capacitance.
  • NO switching spikes.
  • NO reactor coils.
  • NO arcing.
  • NO maintenance.
  • NO leading PF.
  • NO winding heating.
  • NO creation or amplification of harmful harmonics.
  • Lowers feeder stress.
  • Lowers transformer stress
  • Excess current reduction from thermal line loss creates savings in billable watts at the meter. This lowers KW and associated KW charges such as Demand and Usage.
  • Increased ROI- Our target is 12 months
  • Reduced thermal degradation of structural electrical devices and associated maintenance.
  • Reduced levels of equipment damage by reduced harmonics
  • Can be installed behind a service entrance correction unit. We have seen a $8000 a month average savings in addition to a previously installed service entrance unit.
  • Eliminates PF Penalty
  • Harmonic dissipation from “At Load” correction reduces the cost of harmonic packages and equipment damage compared to a service entrance unit which has concentrated capacitance generating  higher magnitude harmonics on the larger conductors.

Facilities with utility charges benefit if they have the following:

  • PF penalty
  • Line loss penalty
  • Peak KVA/KW demand charges
  • KVA or KVAH billing methods
  • Any other low efficiency related penalty

Available Options:

  • Surge Protection
  • ENF-Electric Noise Filtration
  • EMF-Electromagnetic Field Reduction