Energy Audits,Measurement &Verification+ Energy Optimization Solutions

POWER-CEO™ is the future of electrical energy conservation, and is now available to customers worldwide. Our technology is the solution that so many power engineers have been asking for: a solution that won’t amplify harmonics, can be strategically installed, consumes little power, and dynamically adjusts for every load variation regardless of the size and/or fluctuation of the current. This includes both individual and total combined load adjustment, with the added ability to automatically turn all settings off when no corrections are required.

POWER-CEO™ is so advanced that customers with static PFC and automatic service entrance systems have requested this technology be added to their existing systems in order to achieve a greater increase in energy savings. Not only do we have the leading technology, but we have designed systems to complement or fine tune existing power factor correction solutions, all while meeting and exceeding previous industry standards.

POWER-CEO™ uses advanced micro-processors that make energy measurement calculations and corrections with on-board solid state relays. We own multiple patents that make this technology possible, utilizing various sensors for total and complete correction to improve the total efficiency of the system.

Our equipment typically pays for itself in one to two years and offers a host of benefits. The Power-CEO(TM) operates in parallel, not series, corrects phase to phase, and provides monitoring and adjusting on a second-by-second basis. Our solutions feature maintenance free operation, reduce plant operating costs, eliminate power factor penalty charges, and can lower KW power bills. Our energy optimization services also increase energy efficiency while reducing the following: KVAH usage, time of use sensitivity, total power, and often KW related charges such as demand and usage.

This is a truly green technology. Using only 5 milliwatts, POWER-CEO™ decreases demand for power generation,and results in less pollution.

This is THE essential piece of all future smart power grids. POWER-CEO™ offers a number of services including add-ons to improve existing static and dynamic/automatic power factor correction.

To learn more about this advanced technology, please see the following table or contact Power CEO LLC directly.

PowerCEO LLC Capabilities

Measurement and Verification (M&V) Studies
Electrical Load Profiling
Energy Audits
Dynamic / Automatic Reactive Power Support
Self-Sizing Correction
Voltage Current Synchronization
Voltage Amperage Synchronization
Improve existing Static Power Factor Correction in the marketplace by updating with our automatic control technology, allowing the capacitance, to be turned off as needed for no over capacitance and utilizing bleed off resistors to safely discharge the banks between run cycles.
Cost Payback
Typically 1 to 2 years
Features / Benefits
  • Corrects Phase-to-Phase
  • More Accurately Corrects Low Voltage Levels
  • Operates in Parallel giving greater savings and performance than old-style in-Series
  • Reduces Power Bill*
  • Reduces Plant Operating Costs
  • Expedites Return on Investment
  • Provides Maintenance Free Operation
  • Improves Power Quality Overall
  • Reduces KVAH Usage
  • Reduces Total Power
  • Reduces Time of Use Sensitivity
  • Increases Energy Availability on Grid when Utilized
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Reduces Total Current
  • Logically separates each phase/hot line in the system and independently analyzes and corrects each phase separately
  • Aligns the phase angle by correcting the power factor of each phase to .98 to .99 with precise increments of capacitance applied phase to phase.
  • Uses precise steps of capacitance to allow the most accurate adjustments every cycle, with adjustment steps as small as .03 kVAR.
  • Operates in parallel not in series
Eliminates or nearly eliminates
  • Power Factor Penalty
  • Over Capacitance
  • Switching Spikes
  • Arcing
  • Leading PF
  • Winding Heating
Green Technology
Less Strain on Power Grid
Less Demand for Power Generation
Less Pollution
  • Sensors
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Phase Angle Relationship
  • Computerized/Micro-Controlled Control Boards
  • SCR Switching and Triggering
  • Capacitor Banks
  • Solid State Relays
Temperature Controlled
Outdoor Units
Total system monitoring with Network Connectivity
Total Power monitoring (Voltage, Current, Apparent Power, True Power, Hertz Rate-Cycles)
Zero Crossing
Top Peak
Low Peak
Voltage Current Phase Relationship
Phase Angle
.98 to .99 PF
System Power
Less than 100 mW (Monitoring)
Less Than 100 mW (Peak Demand)
120 V – 120/240V Split single phase
208 V – 120/240/208V 3-Phase
230V – 230/400V Single phase or 3-Phase
240 V – 120/240V Split single Phase
277 V – 277/480V 3-Phase
480 V 3-Phase
600 V 3-Phase
Split Single
60 Hz
50 Hz
Sensor Response
1/60 or 1/50 second as required
.125 to 512A
1.2 to 90112 mF
Amp Rated
8 to 512 A
KVAr Rated
.92 to 425 KVAr
Up to 1000 KVAr or Case-by-Case Engineered
Temperature Range
35°F to 110°F
NEMA Approved

Additional Information

Additional Services
Site / Location Inspection
Smart switching Adapters for Static Systems
Smart Switching for current systems with reactors
Industry Focus
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Government
  • National Security
  • Ministry of Energy
  • Power Generation/Grid Management
  • Power System Protection
  • Municipal Applications
  • Irrigation
  • Alternative Energy (Wind Power and Solar Power)
  • Green Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Photovoltaic
  • Government
  • Arc/Resistance Welding
  • Recycling / Scrap Metal Melting Furnaces
  • Emerging countries
  • Energy Portfolio Mangers
Industry Standards