Equipment Spec Sheet

Power-CEO™ Computerized Energy Optimizer is the superior new standard for Dynamic Reactive power support.

  • Over 4000 different sized models available.
  • Scalable from 110V to 600V in 50Hz or 60Hz.
  • Single, Split Single, Two and Three Phase Applications.
  • IE voltage application 110,110/190, 115, 120, 120/208, 127, 127/220, 190, 200, 215, 220, 230, 240, 240/415, 277, 330, 347, 460,480, and 600 Volts.
  • System uses 5 milliwatts while monitoring up to a maximum of 100 milliwatts at peak demand.
  • Logically separates each phase/hotline in Split Single, Two, and Three phase systems.
  • Independently analyzes each phase/hotline in Split Single, Two, and Three phase systems.
  • Maintains a PF of .98 or greater on all phases/hotlines independently without delay.
  • Aligns the phase angle by correcting the PF of each phase within a range .98 to .99 with precise increments of capacitance applied to each phase.
  • Uses precise steps of capacitance to allow for the most accurate adjustments every cycle, with adjustment steps as small as .03 kVAR available per phase/hotline.
  • Operates in parallel, not in series, which helps correct unbalanced loads.
  • Computer smart chip technology onboard.
  • Uses computerized triggering.
  • Continually adjusts, often many times per minute.
  • POWER-CEO™ always saves more power than it uses, in some cases a 35% total energy reduction has been achieved.

Does NOT:

  • Cause switching spikes.
  • Create over-capacitance.
  • Use reactor coils.
  • Create sparks.
  • Create harmonics.*

* Harmonics Package Available

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