Q: Is it true that POWER-CEO™ uses virtually no energy to operate?

A: Yes, it uses less than 5 milliwatts, less than that of a pen light.

Q: Is it true that POWER-CEO™ provides functionality beyond what has previously been on the market?

A: Yes, POWER-CEO™ was designed to save energy in ways that Energy Star said were unattainable. We not only met their standards, but exceeded them. Additionally, we can increase energy savings in facilities with an existing service entrance power factor correction unit.

Q: I’ve heard about utility companies’ concerns about the disruption that correction brings to the systems and that there are limits on how much VAR adjustment can be applied at once. How can POWER-CEO™ make corrections without disrupting the grid?

A: Our system takes an innovative approach, making very precise adjustments that follow the load profile and correct in small increments at a rapid pace in sequential cycles. The incremental nature of the adjustments negates the disruptions that plague traditional methods.

Q: Have studies been done to determine potential savings?

A: We have many authoritative white paper studies by Ph.D.s, power companies, power engineering conferences, and respected universities.

Q: Does POWER-CEO™ Dynamic really adjust each and every reactive load within a circuit as well as turn off when not needed?

A: Yes, POWER-CEO™ brings correction by closely following each and every reactive load within the circuit. It adjusts as each load turns on and off. It also follows the load curve through changing load conditions with minimal impact on the system, both as motors speed up and slow down, and as lights heat up when turning on.

Q: Is POWER-CEO™ fully automatic and dynamic?

A: Yes, unlike other technology, POWER-CEO™ functions in a way that was previously impossible.

Q: How does POWER-CEO™ affect wind and solar power systems?

A: POWER-CEO™ compliments all other power producing technologies and does not compete with them. It allows all forms of power generation to be extended by recycling the wasted reactive energy.

Q: Is POWER-CEO™ third party tested?

A: Yes, Midwest Research Institute Global (MRI) in Kansas City, MO performed independent evaluation on multiple occasions to verify that this technology works as stated. They oversee the National Renewable Energy Lab for the United States Federal Government in Golden Colorado. They performed multiple tests and reported that POWER-CEO™ performed as stated, “Greatly eliminating reactive waste.”

Q: Do smart meters have the ability to measure the energy savings from POWER-CEO™?

A: Yes, smart meters can measure the voltage/current relationship and quantify energy savings.

Q: What is the rate of return on investment for POWER-CEO™?

A: Return on investment (ROI) for POWER-CEO™ is typically around 1 year in commercial facilities, however, in some cases can be around 18 to 24 months. ROI is measured in various ways. One way is measuring the cost to produce from a generational standpoint, and another is by measuring through the reduction in charges imposed by the utility company.

Q: Are test results available?

A: Yes, we have sent units to various locations for field testing. Facility managers responded that POWER-CEO™ works far superior to the other control units they had already invested in. One manager installed a unit just to improve the amount of waste  not captured by their existing service entrance unit.

Q: Is POWER-CEO™ UL listed?

A: Yes, we have met all categories.

Q: Is the POWER-CEO™ engineered for mass production?

A: Yes, we have worked with manufacturing engineers to design the POWER-CEO™ in such a way that it is easy to mass produce. We also have manufacturing locations on standby around the globe.

Q: What supporting information is available regarding utility savings such as The Whitby Hydro report?

A: We have many authoritative papers all pointing to the need for POWER-CEO™, the math is there. Please see the White Paper and Resources tab or click here for an in-depth report on unconsidered possibilities.

Q: Why haven’t utilities in the US utilized POWER-CEO™ for residential applications?

A: POWER-CEO™ is a new product. Technology changes every ten years and most utilities in the United States do not know about our product yet. However, we are now selling units for the home to Central American countries.

Q: How does POWER-CEO™ accommodate the differing requirements of so many applications?

A: POWER-CEO™ can be custom manufactured to meet any requirement. We have the ability to tune them to provide the maximum savings in every environment. Our engineers can further explain the options based on each country’s or utility requirements.

Q: Are different models available and ready to ship in large quantities?

A: We have set up working models with different manufacturers and are ready for large quantity manufacturing upon request. We have product lines available that can accommodate everything from a small hut to large commercial applications. We even have models that are licensed for countries that want to set up manufacturing domestically for job creation and economy stimulation. We have staff on hand to handle the implementation of various models adaptable to each country’s needs.

Q: Does POWER-CEO™ change the way people live or businesses operate?

A: No, in nearly all cases there is no down-time, and once installed you live exactly as you previously did except now your equipment and appliances are able to reuse long wasted reactive energy. Your house or facility will then help to reduce global climate change instead of contributing to an ongoing problem.

Q: Does POWER-CEO™ free up more power for utility companies?

A: Yes, POWER-CEO™ is more cost effective than any other load reducing product available.

Q: How do emerging countries see your product?

A: Emerging countries are becoming early adopters as they need to extend energy capacity as far as possible to steward their resources. We have designed and produced small automatic units as governments are looking very seriously at homes and apartments. In fact, the results we produce are so dramatic that we have actually been requested to scale back units for very tight budgets. The result is an even faster payback.

Q: What is the quality of your components?

A: We have spent years researching the best products on the market to bring the highest quality parts for maximum possible life span.

Q: WHat about job creation in other countries?

A: We have many options available to help boost economies, such as allowing governments to manufacture them domestically.

Q: Are there any limits in application?

A: Not that we have found.

Q: Do you have field test results?

A: Yes, we have installed POWER-CEO™ in box stores and industrial sites in Costa Rica, Jamaica, as well as some locations in the Midwest.

Q: Is it patented?

A: Yes, in a majority of countries worldwide.

Q: Is it engineered for mass manufacturing?

A: Yes

Q: How do utilities perceive our product today?

A: Utilities often are regulated to impose power factor penalties or have imposed them due to the cost of loss over generation cost. The current technologies on the market only seek to eliminate the penalty, not fully minimize loss. Many of the products do eliminate the penalty, but end up causing more problems by only fixing the problem where penalty is imposed (metered) and not the entire problem. Their goal is to beat the penalty, not fix the entire problem, and mathematically they fall short. They also use electricity in great proportion, while POWER-CEO™ uses less than a pen light. Our finding is that while many reports have been filed detailing the amount of savings possible, sometimes in Gigawatts, there hasn’t been a viable solution until now. The studies that we have were all performed without knowledge or awareness of our viable and affordable long-term solution.