PowerCEO LLC respects your privacy and information. We do not sell or rent to third parties any of the information collected for this proposal.

Step 1/ Level 1 Audit: A no cost “walk-through audit” is the basic starting point consisting of an initial review of the property’s previous 12 months’ utility bills and a brief site survey of the building, its electrical loads and modes of operations. This audit is intended to be a quick assessment of the relative potential for energy and cost savings opportunities. The primary objective is to identify an initial assessment of potential costs and savings. This will help the building owner understand whether further evaluation is warranted and establish a baseline for measuring improvements. The audit results in a brief summary report with the projected energy savings, total project cost, estimated ROI and performance and/or satisfaction guarantee.

  • 78% of our initial reviews identify the potential benefit of the PowerCEO LLC model for an average of 8-12% savings. Highest to date is 30% within commercial and industrial settings.
  • Qualifying begins at a 6% savings potential and the total job cost is typically 1 month to 1.5 months average from the 12 month submittal.
  • Typical ROI is 12-18 months.
  • If we mutually agree that our proposal with total job cost is feasible, (and you are willing to make the investment upon completion) then the next step is for us to conduct a level 2 professional grade energy and facility audit to quantify exact savings and project costs.

Step 2/ Level 2 Audit: This in-depth investment grade energy measurement study provides the building owner a more detailed energy analysis and benchmarks baseline power quality from various locations.

Professional grade energy and facility audits involves:

  • Evaluating a number of parameters of system power quality
  • Collaborations with your staff to uncover technical information about electrical load types and run profiles.
  • In-depth evaluation of line/electrical diagrams if available.
  • In-depth review of historical utility costs.
  • Energy measurement and verification study
  • Electrical load profiling and assessment study

The results of the energy audit include:

  • Our energy strategy which includes type(s) and number of units needed.
  • Cost to the implement the project
  • Return on Investment
  • A plan to measure and verify savings
  • Proposed project schedule
  • Confirmed Performance and/or Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Payment proposals

Step 3: The developed project is now ready for implementation. The PowerCEO LLC team will manage all facets of project implementation, and will include the facility electrician or electrical sub-contractor involvement in the project.

Details include:

  • As needed on-site management
  • Competitively bid electrical subcontractors
  • Your preferred local electrician is used whenever feasible
  • Progress meetings and updates
  • Measurement and verification will be done after installation to ensure all systems are operating as intended before the project is signed-off on as complete.
  • Training and/ or training material provided to your staff so they have understanding on how to properly monitor the operations of their new equipment.
  • Hands-on management ensures projected energy savings are obtained.

All PowerCEO LLC’s projects have a goal of lowering utility bills, operating costs and reducing equipment maintenance. To validate our project’s performance, we will verify the energy usage after project completion and compare to preliminary data sets.